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Publisher Information

Heritage Hall Digital Archive (or "Archives, Calvin College")

You may use any image from the Heritage Hall Digital Archive (usually referenced as "Archives, Calvin College" in the copyright statement), on the condition that you provide proper attribution of the source in all copies.

Theatre History collection

Our online Theatre History collection was digitized from various collections of slides. Here is all the information we have about those collections and their publishers:

Title: The VRI slide library of world theater
Author: Carl Richard Mueller; Visual Resources, inc.
Publisher: Los Angeles, Calif. : Visual Resources, Inc., ©1978-
Note: According to one researcher, this publisher is not to be confused with the advertising company of the same name formerly owned by Sumie Mishima. A more accurate name for the publisher might be VRI Theatre Library (former address: Box 1208, Imperial Beach, CA 92032).
Note: Another researcher reported success by contacting VAGA Rights

Title: European experimental theater from Meyerhold to Grotowski
Author: Carl Richard Mueller
Publisher: [Imperial Beach, CA : VRI, ©1983]

Title: Theatre and playhouse : a set of 220 slides based on the text by Richard and Helen Leacroft
Author: Dieter W Kaisenberg; Richard Leacroft; KaiDib Films International.
Publisher: Glendale, Calif. : KaiDib Films International, ©1986.
Two non-authoritative sources (one, two) online say KaiDib Films was dissolved in 1992.
One researcher reported success by contacting Methuen Pulishing, the publisher of the related book “Theatre and playhouse” (see details below)

Title: Theatre and playhouse : an illustrated survey of theatre building from ancient Greece to the present day
Author: Richard Leacroft; Helen Leacroft
Publisher: London ; New York : Methuen, 1984.
Request copyright permission from Methuen (one researcher reported success by this method)

Other Sources of Images

Here is a list of other sources for images where permission may be easier to attain. These are recommendations from researchers and have not been verified by the Hekman Digital Archive.

Art Resource: representative of many museums in the US and overseas

Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Online Catalogue: mostly historic materials, many of the holdings are available for free download and have no copyright restrictions

Bridgeman Art Library

Getty Images, Time & Life Pictures, Corbis: tend to be on the expensive side, but good for certain types of photojournalism, more "documentary" than art images