The Hekman Digital Archive (HDA) was created in order to facilitate the development, acquisition, and distribution of high-quality digital content for the benefit of academic scholarship at Calvin University and Calvin Theological Seminary. The HDA provides a home to digital files that can be used in the classroom or for personal study on the web. Departments at Calvin can benefit from the cataloging and digital expertise of Hekman Library staff. The HDA currently accommodates 10 unique collections, and includes over 5000 digital images available in a variety of formats

To accommodate copyright restrictions, access restrictions can be placed on individual items or on an entire collection, which then requires Calvin students to login with their usual username and password. Each digital image is described (cataloged) using the Dublin-Core metadata standards, and includes Library of Congress subject classification.

For more information on how you or your department can become involved in the HDA, contact the Hekman Library programmers.