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Christian Courier, formerly Canadian Calvinist and Contact

Births, Marriages, Anniversaries, and Deaths from Christian Courier, formerly Canadian Calvinist and Contact 1946-2015

The periodical began in August 1945 as Canadian Calvinist providing information and support for the growing number of post-World War II Dutch immigrants in Canada.  In 1949 a second periodical, the Contact, began with much the same focus and, two years later, the two merged to become Calvinist Contact. During the 1950s, the all Dutch-language periodical began increasing more English content, and went from bi-monthly to weekly. By the 1980s the periodical was totally in English; and the name was changed to Christian Courier about ten years later.

Over the course of volunteering one day per week for seven years Janet Sjaarda Sheeres keyed the birth, marriage, anniversary, and obituary data (35,216 entries) into spread sheets from the issues held by Heritage Hall, Calvin College.  These data were compiled, proofed, sorted and are presented in six alphabetical lists via the links below.  If no first and/or surname was published two question marks “??” were inserted in the place of the name.  There are discrepancies in the number of entries for brides and grooms, and husbands and wives because no birth surnames were published for some women.  Often various anniversary announcements were published (25th, 30th, 35th, etc.), but only the most recent is included in these lists.  If more data was available in earlier announcements, all these data are included in the lists below.  At times, the names of parents were reported in marriages and the names of children and grandchildren were reported in anniversaries, but these were not included in this project.

The information may be found in formal personal notices in the classified advertisements, in captions under photographs, or in news reports.

Janet S. Sheeres, with Richard H. Harms, 2016


Anniversaries-Husbands — 6178 entries

Anniversaries-Wife — 5740 entries

Births — 6376 entries

Marriages-Brides — 4763 entries

Marriages-Grooms — 4766 entries

Death — 7393 entries