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New to Hekman: Loeb Classical Library online

New to Hekman: Loeb Classical Library online

Hekman Library is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new database called the Loeb Classical Library. Some of our users may be familiar with the red and green Loeb volumes that we have on the fifth floor. Now it will be easier for distance students to enjoy Loeb.

This collection of valuable ancient texts by well-known Greek and Roman authors (spanning fourteen centuries) was digitized by Harvard University. The digital Loeb Classical Library represents every Loeb volume that was published in print. Each two-page spread includes the original Greek or Latin on the left and an English translation on the right.

Loeb is particularly popular with seminary students because the collection has translations of apostolic fathers and Augustine’s Confessions, City of God, and Letters.

- Posted March 01, 2023 by Kathy DeMey (12:02 PM)