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Month of March in the Hekman Library

Month of March in the Hekman Library

March is a happenin' month in the library. We invite you to participate in one of more of these events/activities:

  • View our display on Women's History Month and check out a book
  • Plan to attend Write Night, a tradition now in its 7th year, where you can work with other students to complete writing projects of all kinds
  • Attend the Meeter Center's rare coins exhibit and learn about the collection
  • Get involved in Library Madness!

A note on Library Madness: This is a book tournament where you vote on this year's most popular book from among the most checked-out new books from our Recreational Reading collection. You can vote in print or online each week by visiting the bracket display on the main floor. Up to two brackets per person allowed. Turn your votes in to the display box or email Amanda Matthysse by March 10


- Posted March 01, 2023 by Kathy DeMey (11:35 AM)