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Focus on Policing

Focus on Policing

Columbia International Affairs Online, or CIAO, is a database of documents and articles devoted to research and analysis on international politics and related fields. CIAO Focus produces a report each month on a matter of international importance. For the month of June it is policing and police reform. (Link will work only for Calvin community who have access to this database).

With police reform a hot topic in the news today and likely to continue to be for months to come, CIAO's selection for June deserves a careful read. 

Here is an excerpt from the report: "Between May 25th and June 1st, worldwide Google searches that included the term 'police' increased five fold. The killing of George Floyd and other Black Americans at the hands of law enforcement have sparked the broadest protests in US history, as well as a global response. These actions have resulted in a revived interest in police reform, as proposals from defunding to disbanding police move from margin to mainstream."

CIAO contains many more working papers, reports, and policy briefs on police and policing, covering the dynamics of this topic within numerous countries across the globe as well as the U.S.





- Posted July 01, 2020 by Kathy DeMey (1:56 PM)