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I'm Writing A Research Paper. Where Do I Start?

I'm Writing A Research Paper. Where Do I Start?

Hekman Library Research Guides are starting places for research, created by the librarians.

The guides direct you to resources tailored to your subject of interest. Every guide has tabs on the side which lead you to background information, books, journal articles, and highly selective websites. Sometimes, career and local information and/or faculty publications are included. There is a "Help" tab which takes users to our chat reference service as well as suggesting other ways to reach our staff. In addition, the Help page will assist you with all the citation information you need, and there is a library glossary of terms.

The librarians have also created a series of Resource & Collection Guides to help you find your way around our special collections, as well as learn how to effectively use Bible commentaries. 

Each guide also provides the contact information of the librarian who created it, so feel free to ask questions or set up an appointment for further research assistance.

- Posted February 08, 2020 by Kathy DeMey (1:26 PM)