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Using Hekman Library from Off-Campus

Wherever Calvin community members are researching or using the library from off-campus, our goal is to support you in your academic studies:

Research Assistance

Hekman librarians offer remote research assistance via a number of options, including phone, e-mail, text, and live-chat. We can also meet with you individually by appointment (over Teams, Zoom, or your chosen videoconferencing platform). Consult the library's Research Services page for details.

You may also want to review our "Get Connected! with Hekman Library" guide, which provides an introduction to using the library's resources and services from off-campus, or check out our videos on the Hekman Library YouTube channel.

Remote Online Access

If you're off-campus, you can access the library's online resources by starting at the library home page, and entering your Calvin username and passphrase when prompted. (See alternate log-in instructions for seminary users.

Please contact us via our Research Services page or on our feedback form if you have trouble accessing the library's resources remotely.

Off-Campus for Seminary Students, Faculty, and Staff

For remote online library access, see these log in instructions for the Calvin Theological Seminary community. Seminarians or interns doing their field education are encouraged to use local resources as part of their training experience. But in certain cases when it may be helpful and necessary to get materials from Hekman Library, please contact our Theological Librarian, Anne Harrison.